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Honor is a term used much too often

Judges answer to "Your Honor", a new acquaintance might hear "it's an honor to meet you". There is even a perfume named Honor. It's a word thrown around every day, but the term took on new meaning for me after meeting our neighbor.

Henry is 94 and can always be found with a whittling knife and block of wood in his hand, sitting in the shade just inside his garage, in a folding lawn chair draped with a towel.
Every day he is impeccably dressed in linen pants pulled high on his waist and suspenders over a crisp white cotton shirt. His hair is combed over with hair gel and his broad smile lifts his glasses. He is a thin man, white hair, walks quickly and talks just as fast. His accent is New Jersey.
There is no moss growing on Henry. He builds beautiful bird houses and carves small wooden animals and knows every single neighbor within a few blocks.
Before selling his paint company, he and Sarah raised a family, built a home…

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