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Alabama Wildflowers

Being the product of the fields, the valleys, the “hollers”, the woods, the brooks, the hay, the bees, the earth..I hear echoes of my ancestors throughout my dreams, throughout my speech, within my philosophies.  The flowers that grow at the bottom of the Appalachian mountain trail are indeed believed to be the most fragrant, the most colorful, the wildest. Much like the people who walk among them, mostly the women. Alabama is the end of the Appalachian Mountains, so when you meet someone from that part of the world know that they are built of a different stock. At the end of a magnificent mountain range is like being at the end of a very strong sentence, there is an exclamation point that punctuates the importance of the statement. Where I grew up is that punctuation mark.  The Cumberland Plateau is the mountain range of the Appalachian Mountains that shaded my childhood. The rock is quartzite and as old as time. The mountains gave us a protective veil from the real world, an endless ab…

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