Land sharks, no sandbar sharks

Today was an odd day! We had a great lunch at Lulu's at Homeport Marina in Gulf Shores (after some shopping) and then walked on the Gulf States Pier. The fisherman at the end of the pier had caught 3 sandbar sharks and we saw 2 hammerhead sharks! It was crazy!

There was also a large staging area nearby for oil clean up. Tons of heavy equipment, tents, men in orange vests and stacks of supplies. No oil on the pretty beach right now! The sharks are safe..for now..


  1. What a beautiful image of the ocean! We lived in California forever...till we moved to Texas...and I miss it so!


  2. Thank you, Cathy! We enjoy it here also. Just praying we can weather all this oil. Right now it's pretty,oil is coming in patches, but we will survive it!

    How do you like Texas?


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