A Perfect Day?

There are some days that seem to go like clockwork from the time your feet hit the floor until you say your prayers at night.

While I have few of these days that go without some aggravating "event" that makes me say unlady-like expletives, most days are a matter of state of mind and your view of things from your corner of the pier.

For example, we were blessed with good weather for the Blue Angel Air Show (and the crowds were a good thing to see at our near silent beaches). Had the best steak I have had in a while tonight at Wintzell's and even the thunderstorms that popped up throughout the weekend have not dampered my enthusiasm. They watered my flowers and rinsed off my mom car.

Oil has been the topic of our world here on the Gulf Coast. Other than the usual hurricanes that ravage the coast, we seem to be the type of people that can handle most. Maybe the humidity and the no see-ums have tempered us to the elements. But the oil is a different matter. The unknown..not knowing which businesses will fail due to lost business, or how this will affect our daily life, literally. Our way of life has been changed due to the carelessness of BP. But we are all in this together, and will find a solution, clean up the mess and life will go on for our children and grandchildren. We still have cell phones, electricity and roofs over our heads. We are pretty slow, but can figure out the rest if we are allowed the basics. At the moment the beaches are almost perfect...allowing time for a possible plan to take place to preserve them.

I take this day to thank the maker for my large blended family, my crazy group of friends and my sweet husband. And those gulf shrimp I had tonight need an extra prayer too.


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