being normal is not an option for us
Unlike most gentile, southern Mamas, step Mama's, Grandma's, wives, sisters, daughters, we tend to have buttons that are pushed when we are within bumping arms distance. This distant bump trips a button that allows us to dress as jellyfish, joy ride through a cemetery during Halloween (on the roads of course), and explore fascinating shoe stores in search, find haunted mansions, muddy concert fields, paint classes, beach concerts, boats, mountains, parades, parties, showers, bonfires, jello shots from syringes,

In order for me to continue my life, my dream, my ability to grandma and garden and run a boat, and navigate waters and take group vacations and shine with my art work, these girls will have to keep our Ya Ya calendar organized.

We have much to accomplish in the next year. It will not be said that we are boring. It might be said that we were indecisive or easily distracted, but not boring. Never boring. 2015 will be my year. With the help of my Ya Ya sisters, all of them. in and around Pcola and Pcity, this can be accomplished. Without that strong barrier, the navigation would be astray, no matter how many husbands were tossing lines to save us. :)

My friends. Where would I be without them? Bored. for sure.


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