So much little time..

Everyone knows of the football traditions of the south. We have a long standing passion for tailgating, pep rallies and Monday morning quarterbacking. It's one of the traditions that is comforting-along with quilts on cold evenings and deer hunting starting at Thanksgiving.

Football season cycles around each fall and I can count on the fact that the rivalry stimulates the blood after baking in the summer sun for months. We are all dedicated to our teams with such ferocity that being without team to yell for is like being without a spleen. Well, it's just unheard of.

Today I am going to Louisiana to visit my son. Football in Louisiana has become a beacon of hope there. We have been Saints fans for years...but actually being in the Creole Country during a Saints game is just short of revival.

Hope everyone's team does well. Unless your team is playing against my team.


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