Bloom or a weed?

Ever heard the old quote "work with what you have, where you are with you've got"? We all the misfortune sometimes of falling into places or situations that are not our ideal setting or situation. First thing I try to remember is nothing is forever. Everything changes every 7 years. And usually these are life changing (have kids, see kids grow and leave, lose a loved one, change a job, sell a house, lose weight, start school again) These are all things that we usually don't make it through a decade without witnessing and it changes our life.

Our every waking moment is spent getting through the day, the week, til the next vacation, the next payday, through the next test. Those moments will come without question. We can't be a part of this planet without these changes.

What we have immediate control over is how we spend moments. Moments are the things that you will pull out of your memory bank at 80. Not decades, but MOMENTS. That is why it's important to have lunch with that old friend, or tell your parents you love them, or thank our maker for providing such a pretty stage for us to play on. Those fragments of your day is what sews together your life - each day is a stitch.

It's important to handle the day, don't let it handle you. I start mine with prayer and meditation, I listen to old gospel hymns that my Grandmother so loved. It sets my brain for going to the office and dealing with what comes there. At lunch it's always rejuvenating to go to the port, the beach, the park (yesterday the cemetery), but focus on what we have been given. We should all move forward at all times, but we should all be careful about what we chase. If we get caught up in getting that promotion, buying new cars, houses, etc. then we lose so much..and we don't see that until it's too late.

Sew your day up with sweet moments. This is something that has to be consciously done, it doesn't usually just happen. But if you stop and look up at the sky or at a honeybee performing miracles, that is what makes the bloom on you.


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