Yesterday I played hooky. Ok, work knew where I was, the family knew where I was..but..the world wasn't notified. I slipped away and left the grown up me behind.

Halfway through the afternoon I took my book, a bottle of water and found a hammock near the beach. Being a Thursday afternoon, this wasn't hard to find. The crowds were light (to none) and the weather was beach perfect.

Between naps in the hammock, I read, drank some frozen concoctions and contemplated life. It is short. Don't miss a minute. Color with every crayon in the box. I would love to say that I can wait until I retire to enjoy the moment, but I can't. My mind won't allow it.

Our choice isn't always up to us. I must work to make ends meet, which means 1/3 of my life is spent behind a desk in an office building.

I must follow lifes rules (physical exams, pay taxes, keep up with bills, be a part of the daily world and all that involves). But yesterday, I stuck my toes in the sand during a weekday and played in the sprinkler instead of filing paperwork.

Take a walk, look at an earthworm, feel the sun. Listen close to what your soul is telling you and follow that lead...make today count and find a hammock as soon as you can.


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