Quiet little hive

It's been 8 days since we became beekeepers (or should I say they are "keeping" us?) When I checked on the bees this morning, there was little to no activity outside the hive. Not really alarming since it was cooler temps this morning and it was early. Should we all keep to ourselves and go about our business like the bees? Maybe we would get more done, waste less time, take care of ourselves better? Maybe we would work together as a team and let the natural order of things take place? After one week these two little hives have quite a bit of honey and propolis in the brood chamber (a brood chamber is the part of the hive in which the brood is reared)(propolis-plant resins collected and modifiged by bees; used to fill small spaces in the hive). In the future I pledge to have more honey bee like behavior and behave in a more orderly manner. Maybe.


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