A boy (my grandson) and his Daddy (my son)in the park. I wish I had a time machine to go back to when my kids were toddling and small.
I would take more time to listen. I wouldn't tell them to "wait" until the dishes are done, I will "watch them turn a cartwheel, etc. in a minute when I get finished."
Before I knew it, both children were pre-teens and busy with sports and friends. Then they were teenagers and were never home. Now they are young adults and we have adult conversations. We talk about how precious time is. About how not to take things so seriously. The dishes can wait. The dirt can wait. Everything can wait except for that walk in the park.


  1. girl, this is SO TRUE! Can you believe it? Doesn't it seem like just a few years ago when we were graduating high school? My baby girl starts her senior year this week! Time flies. And I do wish I'd taken more time, but I do take it now.


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