On a recent cooking show the host was frying bacon and when it was time to drain the bacon, she saved the grease calling it “renderings”. They were “hickory smoked renderings”, not bacon grease. That sounds sooo much better, but it’s still bacon grease.
Isn’t a rendering a depiction or interpretation? A rendering is something that represents an object. I work with architects and they present renderings to clients to let them know what their buildings will look like. So if it is something that is leftover from something (bacon grease) OR it’s something that is a reflection of an original... Don’t you think we leave renderings of ourselves?

We leave others with renderings: how we made them feel, how our presence affected them. They remember our words, our attitude, how we presented ourselves, and then how we looked.

Our “renderings” of ourselves is most important. It’s what will be remembered after we are gone. Our eulogies will be renderings of our lives. Did we do good work? Did we treat others fairly? What is our legacy? Was I strictly self serving or generous and helpful?
Each day and each decision we make constructs our rendering. Bad decisions cause us to do things we normally would not consider. Bad choices cause unhappiness which results in bad attitudes which result in negative treatment of those around us and negative treatment of ourselves.
So it’s pretty simple. How we are interpreted is up to US. Our choices reflect who we are. Our attitudes and what we say and do reflect the person that is inside. Make good choices and make an effort to correct the wrong ones.
If a rendering sketch was made of you-how would someone interpret it?


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