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Eight years ago we moved to Midas Road. The house was to be temporary and the ultimate goal was to purchase something with a boat slip. Well, eight years later we are still here. Through the years we have made it "ours". Built a pool, a tiki bar, taken down walls, painted the inside my favorite color of all-salmon.

We are lucky that in our little neighborhood everyone here is retired military. We are seemingly all about the same age-with young adult grown children. It's quiet and it's private. And it's my refuge from the remainder of the world.

It has rained for 3 days now and I have not moved my car since Friday (love weekends like that). On this Sunday morning, I am sitting on my back porch with the radio playing and the rain falling. The temp is is 74 compared to recent high 90's. Other than my usual worry about my grown up children and sweet grandchildren, life is pretty perfect. I would love to be thinner, richer and smarter...but..

We choose our daily thoughts like we choose our clothes. Of course the clouds roll into our heads on their own-but we have the power to clear our brain and insert positives thoughts. Prayer helps. Meditation helps. A moment of silence helps. But it's all up to us how we perceive the world and our surroundings.

I choose life, I choose to be happy. Into every life a little rain must fall. But one thing that is certain-the sun always comes back.


  1. beautifully written and wonderfully said.
    And don't know if you knew this -- my house is painted pale terracotta, salmon color and I love it!! It's my fav color particularly with an accent of deep red.


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